January 15, 2020

Curated by Orsola Vannocci Bonsi

Artists: Adrien Missika, Ana Vaz, André Komatsu, André Romão, Anna Franceschini, Carlos Garaicoa, Evy Jokhova, Grupo Dança Imaginal, Guido van der Werve, Haris Epaminonda, Joana Escoval, John Wood and Paul Harrison, Jonathas de Andrade, Laure Prouvost, Maddalena Ugolini, Michela de Mattei, Nuno da Luz

Nuovo Cinema Galleria is a pretext to transform and rethink the gallery as a screening room. It draws its title from Giuseppe Tornatore’s celebrated movie, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988), emphasizing how cinema can be understood, thus seen and lived, as a catalyst of experiences and relations, both at an individual and collective level. In Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, a small movie theatre in a remote Sicilian village becomes the fulcrum of the social and cultural life of its inhabitants. But not only that: the specific and special milieu created by the cinema invites to dream and to ponder, as well as to explore new worlds and new modes. At the same time it allows the encounter, a fundamental necessity for collectivity. And what happens when the “white-cube” gallery becomes a “black-box” cinema? Could the spectator in the contemporary art gallery escape and enter into other, diverse worlds, as in the cinema-experience, through “video art” and its experimentation? Could the gallery also become a tool for collective aggregation, exactly as Tornatore’s cinema? Nuovo Cinema Galleria intends to rethink the exhibition space of the gallery as something accessible, evidencing its capacity to be a place of discovery and magic, fascination, deliberation and wonder at the same time. It is an invitation to revisit this space in a different light, or even better, without light, without actually seeing the space, erasing the white-cube and replacing it by a comfortable and soft darkness. “The cinema’s black box (…) intentionally negates both bodily mobility and environmental perception so as to transport the viewer away from her present time and local space, into the narrative space of the cinematic world on screen” (Uroskie, 2008:5)1 . A space for a collective experience of abandonment towards discovery and disclosure. This exhibition also addresses key questions concerning accessibility intended as the immediacy of the image, as “video art”, as the cinematographic one, puts forward ideas (instead of objects) in a more comprehensible and empathic way that can be shared with a broader public. Nuovo Cinema Galleria comprises three sessions, each one lasting about two weeks and composed by a series of videos projected in loop during the opening hours. Each of the three sessions explores a different theme, but together they generate a dialogue between works from artists represented by the gallery and others by invited artists and filmmakers, creating a continuous discourse of flowing, moving images. Furthermore, each session will be accompanied by an event, a moment of light and, but not only, live action and collective aggregation, completing it.



First Session (23.01 – 5.02)
Volunteer (1998, 6’20’’) – John Wood and Paul Harrison
Nummer Negen, the day I didn’t turn with the world (2007, 8’40’’) – Guido van der Werve
YOK (2002, 7’) – André Komatsu
Voyeurístico (2018, 4’24’’) – Jonathas de Andrade
I Wish This Video Was Deeper (2011, 5’) – Laure Prouvost
Abismo (2017, 9’) – Carlos Garaicoa

23.01 at 10pm: Opening with the performance Corpo Azul by Grupo Dança Imaginal and living soundscape by Artur Pispalhas

Second Session (6.02 – 19.02)
Untitled (for my brother) (2012, 13’30’’) – Joana Escoval
sound of music love storm (2019, 11’11’’) – Nuno da Luz
Darvaza (2011, 8’30’’) – Adrien Missika
In this hot desert I miss the snow (2018, 7’28’’) – Evy Jokhova

15.02 at 4pm: Session introduced by the film Atomic Garden (2018, 8’) by Ana Vaz and ended with the listening to the vinyl Beasts of Gravity by Joana Escoval and Nuno da Luz.

Third Session (20.02 – 7.03)
Polaroids (2018, 3’32’’) – Anna Franceschini
Una notte di festino e di guerra (2015, 3’45’’) – André Romão
Lick In The Past (2016, 8’25’’) – Laure Prouvost
Tarahi IV (version for a single screen) (2007, 1’27’’) – Haris Epaminonda
Tarahi V (version for a single screen) (2007, 3’11’’) – Haris Epaminonda
Tarahi VI (version for a single screen) (2007, 2’59’’) – Haris Epaminonda
Estée Lauder – Hypnosis Session (2018, 8’08’’) – Michela De Mattei

6.03 at 8pm: Performance Take me somewhere nice by Maddalena Ugolini