Catarina de Oliveira


Opening 29th November

7 pm to 9 pm


The journey through this exhibition is traced by the figure of fire, and the spectra it leaves us.

From a holistic perspective, the interdependence of the elements that constitute a whole, allows the harmony of the natural cycles.
These versatile and ever changing cycles are in turn dependent on an elemental stability which man has been known for corrupting.

In response to this the fire without guidance scorches the earth as a symptom of imbalance, revolting by exaggeration.
The elements that constitute the fabric of life act out of their common proportion, and feed dissymmetries.

This new body of work dwells on the chaos generated by the imbalance between elements. And although the written word sets the initial tone, announced through the the text that accompanies the exhibition, each work has a very particular narrative, making it possible to have an aesthetic experience isolated from language itself.


Until January 22nd 2019