Filmica: Pat O’ Neill / Joana Pitta

MONITOR Lisbon has the pleasure to announce Filmica, a show with works by by Pat O’Neill (1939, USA) and Joana Pitta (1993, PT).

Filmica puts two different generations in dialogue, bringing them closer.

In a frantic world, the rhythm of everyday life appeals to a comeback, to the return to an idea of origin, that comes to us through streaks of invoked memory, which is forced to update itself.

Reality is equated through the experience of entropy, that is translated by composite images made up from our memory. The overlapping of references creates transformative mental schemes. These references that come from the realm of reality are diluted and bring forth a new narrative that is interpretative and critical of daily life.

Boundaries are diluted – real and unreal cohabit in a single vision. This turns reality into something deeply personal, individual, that appears as a source of escape.
Planes overlap, chaos and frenzy rule over all, and in return, only time and silence drive us to an aware and perceptive immersion. Our senses are imperative, vision seeks what it can’t reach, and so, it’s readapts and refocus.

It’s between the first and last plane that we find the space we seek to exist in. Past, present and future coexist in this gap.