July 1, 2019

Narration of the material: “Made In Illusion”

· It is a redefinition of substances, material and scenes of everyday life
· It is a re-exploration of human condition and social ecology in the digital era
· It is also a reestablishment of people’ s attitude towards new aesthetic consumerism

WAVELENGTH: Made In Illusion – Contemporary Art Experience Exhibition will be held in Beijing Times Art Museum from July 7 to October 7, 2019. Following the first cooperation in 2017, WAVELENGTH once again joined hands with the Beijing Times Art Museum to usher in a comprehensive upgrade in Beijing.

Our exhibition will continue the conversation on “How Art Discusses Consumer Culture”. With the intention of deconstructing the unknown interrelation between manufacture and human situation and social sentiment, the exhibition triggers the imagination of “manufacturing” and men’ active intervention.

As the representative of aesthetic moralist, English art theorist John Ruskin focuses on the moral aspect of the interaction between art and technology. He is not against the technology itself, but is opposed to the enormous consumption of resources and the destruction of natural environment that happened along with the development of technology. Nowadays, human beings overly enjoy and rely on the production of manufacture and technology, which not only brings complicated social and environmental issues but also evokes emotional turbulence and anxiety in our society.

There are four main themed areas in Times Art Museum’s exhibition room that featured with Assembly Room, The Test Zone, The Operation Zone and The Quarantine Zone. Through various art forms like installations, sculptures, paintings and new media, nearly thirty artists brought hundreds of artworks and made full use of the new narration of substance and material to reconstruct the ordinary field of living and ecosystem, and further discuss social issues regarding consumer culture and sustainable development. By reexamining the ubiquitous cognition of “manufacture” (manufacture is the production of products utilizing labor and techniques based on some particular social conventions), Made in Illusion aims to break the product attributes, rise against the consumption mechanism, probe into and reflect the symbiosis of social resources, living conditions and human mentality, as well as the circulation system, the renewable capacity and cultural sense of belonging besides manufacture. The exhibition represents a deep introspection about human condition.

Here all the ultimate fantasy of manufacturing is exhibited. We invite you to emotionally and perceptually resonate with artwork and feel the pleasure of exploring art led by the infinite imagination and practice of Made in Illusion. 

The list of artists includes Venice Biennale participant, Claudia Casarino; Tadao Cern, a representative artist from Republic of Lithuania; Ran Cheng, the winner of Nomura Emerging Artist Award, known as the “Nobel Prize in Arts”; Philip Colbert, entitled as “Andy Warhol’ s Godson” by the mainstream media and Graham Hudson who cooperated with CDG, Burberry, Dover Street Market before.

The other artists are Aysha Hamouda, Bai Taotao, Lei Chi, Daniel Palillo, Jiafeng Gao, Illegal Art, JAE KO, Jonathan Rosen, Wei Luo, Ya Liu, Martin Goya Business, Tong Kunniao, Jianyang Wang, Xin Wang, Ziyang Wu, XXXL, Yihua Xu, YKMW, Cheng Zeng and Yilun Zhou.

From Rhapsody In Lines in 2017 to Re-Set in Shanghai and Chengdu during 2018 and 2019,a series of WAVELENGTH exhibitions have drawn near two hundred thousand audiences to visit, and created more than thirty-two million discussions in social media. Over one hundred and twenty million people were reached in total. Made In Illusion is hosted by Beijing Times Art Museum and PinKou Culture, co-sponsored by the Bloomage Live and CUBE Consulting Group Inc.


Time of exhibition: July.7th-October.7th
Exhibition hours: 10am-10pm, Tuesdays till Sundays (admission stops at 9:30pm)
Address: Beijing Times Art Museum (Northeast corner, Bloomage Live, No.69 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing)