February 4, 2022

Ninguém. Só eu.
5th of February — 17 April 2022
Curated by Antonia Gaeta


Ninguém. Só eu is an exhibition that results from the residency and support for artistic creation coordinated by Antonia Gaeta around the exhibition Jaime: “vi uma cadela minha com lobos”. The artists were invited to dialogue with the life and work of Jaime Fernandes, a cult outsider artist, but whose production was mainly known through António Reis’ film Jaime (1974) and not so much through direct contact with the drawings.
Antonia Gaeta proposed a reflection on the author’s imaginary and the particularities of his biography: Jaime Fernandes (1899-1969) was diagnosed with schizophrenia and interned for over three decades in Hospital Miguel Bombarda (Lisbon); drawing and writing appeared late and unexpectedly in the last years of his life, in the context of hospital confinement. Thus, the works in Ninguém. Só Eu. weave threads related to ideas about “restricted experience”; “complementarity between experience and description”; “imagination and memory”, reconfiguring and materialising an inner world of subjective and poetic laws.
The resident artists and authors of the works on display are: Ana Manso, Ana Santos, Belén Uriel, Francisca Carvalho, Jorge Queiróz, Mattia Denisse, Sérgio Carronha, Susanne Themlitz and Tropa Macaca.
Antonia Gaeta is an independent curator who has been developing numerous curatorial projects in which she works very closely with the artists. She is also one of the rare curators in the country with a deep knowledge of raw/outsider art. She has developed exhibition projects with the Treger/Saint Silvestre raw art collection at the Oliva Art Centre, at the Architecture Triennale in Lisbon and at Casa Encendida in Madrid.